The New Cvernovka Creative Center is an evolving fresh cultural hub in Bratislava which aims to become one of the largest creative centers in Europe. Set in a largely disused industrial area, the Center occupies a building of a former specialized school of chemistry that ceased its activities several years ago. The New Cvernovka takes its name from the cultural landmark of yarn factory, the Cvernovka which was for nearly a decade home to dozens of artists, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers and a plethora of other creatively-minded people. The urge to relocate and find a new home gave birth to the New Cvernovka, which aims to not only become a prominent cultural landmark in Bratislava but also push the scope of creative industry itself.

The Center, which is run and operated by the Cvernovka Foundation, forged by a quartet of dedicated people whose vision was to establish a unique venue as well to raise the bar of cultural and creative activities in Bratislava and surrounding region.

Their effort was materialized in the New Cvernovka which is truly a unique hub. It houses more than 50 studios or ateliers that are involved in the diverse fields of creative industry. This mix of various occupations and professional experiences has synergistic effect that manifests by collaborations of these professionals as well as attracting new young entrepreneurs and students to participate in their projects.

In order to fulfill the physical requirements of such projects, the Center offers a variety of amenities and venues that can host workshops, concerts, stand-ups, festivals or artistic exhibitions. At the heart stands the Cultural Space, the main venue of the Center. This carefully-designed space has a modality in mind that enables it to host aforementioned activities. It has already been used for several highly recognizable events, for instance the White Night Bratislava 2017, PechaKucha Night or award ceremony for the National Prize for Design. Furthermore, the Center also offers a coworking shareable working space with stunning views upon Bratislava, a library with an ambient and calm atmosphere, photographic and filmmaking studio, shops with artistic merchandise and working rooms for dirty work and crafts. This is all set in a substantial park that surrounds the Center which is being gradually developed to house a community garden, playground for kids as well as sporting and leisure areas.

The Cvernovka Foundation has recently set its eyes upon a former dormitory building, adjacent to the Center. The dormitory is currently in a planning stage of being redeveloped into the Center of Metropolitan Innovation (CMI), a community-oriented project that will combine several functional models from creative industry, such as education, affordable housing, NGOs and public amenities. This Center will include first of its kind cohousing in Bratislava that will offer affordable housing for seniors, teachers or students as well creative residences for visiting artists and scientists. The CMI will be more publicly-oriented institution with a diverse civic amenities.

It is important to note, that both the Creative Center and the Center of Metropolitan Innovation are being developed with ecological and environmental aspects in mind. The Cvernovka Foundation is keen to implement technological and ecological means to effectively produce and consume energy and to properly treat waste. By application of such policies the Foundation hopes to set an example for other creative centers around Europe.

The New Cvernovka strives to establish itself as a diverse and dynamic cultural landmark in Bratislava that will have a profound impact on creative industry not only in Bratislava Region but also in the rest of Slovakia and surrounding countries.

This presentation video was created after the Doors Open Day, which took place on May 1st, 2017 in New Cvernovka: