Slovak Psychedelic Society (SAPAS) is pleased to invite you to ‘Psychedelic Lessons 2018’, our second international and multidisciplinary conference which is taking place on May 18-19th in Bratislava, Slovakia.

With our 2017 conference titled “Slovak psychedelic experience: Renaissance of psychedelics in the world and its place in Slovak psychiatry” we put Slovakia on the map of psychedelic research and therapy and caught the attention of a broader professional public. Doing so, we have deepened the cooperation amongst our Czech colleagues and established relations with colleagues from Germany and Switzerland.

This year, we would like to emphasize the self-critical spirit. To avoid false beliefs, we strive to make an evidence-based case for the value of psychedelics, at both the individual and societal level. To avoid naive enthusiasm but also unjustified fear reactions rooted in past, we want to be transparent about the associated risks and myths of psychedelics.

Forthcoming changes with psychedelic psychotherapy and in dealing with drugs on the national and global level are creating space for beneficial and safe integration of psychedelics as an integral part of mental health care and into one’s own life. An honest discussion needs to be held to clear the residues from the so-called “war on drugs” and to avoid the false presumptions connected to the future. We rely on the mutual inspiration of psychedelic scientists, therapists, and local experts from participating countries who see the potential in psychedelic therapy.

Moreover, Psychedelic Lessons 2018 will offer a space for discussions and networking amongst professionals and promising young therapists in the Visegrad region (Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland) and Austria.

The conference focuses on following topics:

  • psychedelics in science – exploring use of psychedelics in and for scientific research
  • psychedelics in therapy – the potential and contraindications of psychedelics in therapeutic context
  • psychedelics in society and history – critical reflection on the lessons we’ve learnt from history, recent developments as well as the current social, political, and legal situation
  • harm reduction and integration – the most effective interventions to protect health of individual and public health


May 18th and 19th, 2018


New Cvernovka, Račianska 1575/78, Bratislava, Slovakia
Read more about the venue here


CME: 6 + 6 for two days of conference


Slovak Psychedelic Society (SAPAS)
in collaboration with:
Czech Psychedelic Society
Psychedelic Society of Vienna
Mind Foundation
Social Initiative Narkopolityki
Hungarian MAPS organization

The conference is for:

  • mental health professionals
  • practitioners
  • young researchers and professionals
  • interested public