The first publication of Slovak Psychedelic Society was created on the occasion of the first conference organized by SAPAS on June 2, 2017, titled the same as the bulletin – Slovak Psychedelic Experience.

A longer and graphically attractive bulletin should serve its readers as an introduction to this exciting and promising topic in the area of mental health care.

In the first half of the publication, the individual presenters are expressing their opinions on the topic of psychedelics and their potential utilization in medicine, but also the eventual access of individuals to these substances with the intention of psychohygiene, or adult and responsible use. The second half of the publication is dedicated to deeper exploration of the emerging renaissance of these interesting substances, and so it brings an extensive interview with Rick Doblin – the moving force of psychedelic research and the founder of MAPS; or with Veronika Gold – Czech native and therapist undergoing a training in the work with MDMA. The publication is concluded with the translation of a scientific text of our most important psychedelic therapist Dr. Juraj Styk and the first scientific article written within SAPAS, which summarizes the psychedelic / psycholytic therapy.

The conference took place on June 2, 2017 in Philipp Pinel Psychiatric Hospital in Pezinok, and its title was “Renaissance of psychedelics in the world and its place in Slovak psychiatry”. The publication contains 80 pages and was created in graphic design of Branislav Matis. It is written in Slovak language.

If you are interested in the bulletin (Slovak language), please contact us at, or send us a message on our facebook page.