Chairmen and chairwomen of the organization

Ján Kohút, M.D.
Ján is a psychiatrist originally from Bratislava, Slovakia. Graduate of Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University in Bratislava, he is currently working as a secondary doctor in the discipline of psychiatry and psychotherapy in Biel, Switzerland, where he offers integrated psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care. He is a student of C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht near Zürich – analytical psychology. He acquired basic skills in KIP. The focus of his psychotherapeutic work is oriented towards mindfulness, body-centered work (Hakomi) or process-oriented work (POP). Ján is also interested in psychedelic substances as a possible aid during the psychotherapeutic process or during the process of individuation of healthy individuals. He tries to pick up on the tradition of work with psychedelic substances in the western context (Hofmann, Leuner, Grof, Styk, Gasser) in addition to exploration of possible synergies with traditional shamanic practices.

Martin Pažitný, MSc.
Martin finished his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Bratislava International School of
Liberal Arts and his Master’s degree in Addiction Studies at Charles University in Prague.
He had an opportunity be a part of the international research team and work at a project of
monitoring online shops with new psychoactive substances. Some of the results were
presented at Beyond conference in Prague 2016. Also, he attended Reform Conference 2015 in
the US and Ayahuasca Conference 2014 at Ibiza.
Besides his research activities, he is a member of the Czech psychedelic society and one of
the founders of the Slovak psychedelic society and founder of PsyIT n.o. organisation focusing on online drug monitoring and drug policy.

Martin Šurkala, M.D.
Martin grew up and studied in Bratislava. After the completion of his studies in 2012 at Faculty of Medicine, he enhanced his professional education in Germany in a psychiatric clinic in Bade-Württemberg. There he gathered experience in the departments of social, forensic and addictological psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and the department of neurology. Currently, he is undergoing psychotherapeutic training in psychodynamic approach (Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gruppenpsychanalyse). Since 2016, he lives with his family in Vienna, working with social psychiatry in a smaller Austrian town. Martin’s interest in the utilization of psychedelic substances spans more than a decade, while he is aware of the necessity of a transdisciplinary approach. His current interest lies in the implementation of integral approach to clinical practice. Martin is a co-founding member of SAPAS, primarily dealing with writing and translation of scientific articles.

Miriama Grófová, MSc.
Miriama is a graduate of politology on Comenius University in Bratislava and Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA). For a long time, she operates in Slovak non-governmental sector, focusing on the communication of human rights. In Slovak psychedelic society, she is responsible for public relations and communication of the organization’s activities.

Robert Hritz

Ivo Maraček

Revisor of the organization

Ivan Pavlovič, PhD.
Ivan works in Bratislava as a psychologist and psychotherapist in psychiatric center Spirare, where he leads individual and group psychotherapy and systemic constellations. He also operates on the Faculty of Psychology of Pan-European University, where he lectures on Psychotherapy. In the past, he also lead classes on Depth psychology, Counseling psychology, Contact with client and Socio-psychological training. His dissertation thesis dealt with the qualitative study of psychohygiene of psychotherapists. Throughout the years 2007 to 2010 he was active in the city of Trnava, Faculty of Psychology of UCM, where he lectured on Transpersonal psychology, Psychodynamics and Autogenic training. He has finished a certified psychodynamic training and training in systemic constellations. For more than a decade, Ivan educates himself in process-oriented psychology and family therapy as presented by Virginia Satir.