Slovak psychedelic society (SAPAS) is a multidisciplinary non-governmental organization comprised of professionals from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry, as well as other disciplines.

The main mission is to connect the experts and to provide the knowledge from the areas of psychedelic research and work with psychedelics to the professionals and the public. Moreover, our goal is to bring factual, rational tone and arguments to social discourse. As a long-term objective, SAPAS aims for destigmatization and integration od psychedelic and related substances to contemporary social and professional framework with the support of social structures, which will further advance the possibilities of their utilization for the benefit of health, personal development and the progress of society. SAPAS advocates responsible, evidence-based and ethically defensible approach to these potentially healing substances. We do not endorse uncontrolled and hedonistic use.

The activities of the organization are based on voluntary work and on the belief in the inevitability of the change of the public attitute towards the utilization of psychedelic and psychoactive substances as such.


Read more about who we are, our Manifesto and our statutes (PDF, Slovak language).